Why TMJ Splints ?

TMJ Mouth Guard

Many dentists prefer to use splints instead of any other method such as surgery due to a number of reasons. Firstly, it can be very expensive to practice surgical methods. Secondly, the surgical methods can be very risky as well. On the other hand, a TMJsplint is not too expensive and this method is better than the surgical methods because it is more effective.

If a person uses a TMJmouth guard, it enables the person to know the actual cause of the disease. Once the cause is diagnosed, Best Treatment for Teeth it becomes a lot easier for the dentist to remove the problem. This is probably the greatest advantage associated with the use of such devices.

The other great thing to discuss about this device is that using this is not an irretrievable process, while surgery is an irreversible process. This means that if the use of mouth guards is not reaping any benefit, then you can stop using it any time. Lastly, as discussed before as well, using a splint is also very good because it is not too expensive as compared to surgical procedures. So for all these reasons, we can assert that it is better to use a TMJ splint instead of employing surgical procedures.

Why TMJ Splints ?

Are there any risks of using TMJ splint?

On the other hand some risks are also associated with the use of splint therapy. No doubt about the fact that use of splints carry a lot of benefits, it carries some risks too. As it is always advised that decision regarding any medical procedure should be taken while taking into account both the benefits and the risks of the procedure, Temporomandibular joint dysfunction it will be good to let you know about the risks associated with the use of splints. Some of the risks are explained here.

Why TMJ Splints ?

The greatest risk associated with the use of splint is that it may change the shape of your jaw if you use it too much and overlook the prescription of the doctor. This will not only deform your jaw, but will also warp the shape of face. Obviously nobody desires that his face may get warped. So you need to strictly follow the prescription of your medical expert while making use of a TMJ splint.

The other issue which may arise due to the use of splints is regarding the material from which the splint is made.The splint has to remain in the mouth for a good amount of time (unlike ordinary mouth guards which are used only for the night time.). For this reason, you must only use such a TMJ mouth guard, which is made up of good quality. Not following this piece of advice may cause serious infection in your mouth, which may have serious consequences.

Lastly, the issue of customization may also arise. If the patient uses customized mouth guards, it’s great. But if the patient uses ready-made mouth guards, it can be injurious and will not produce desired results. So it is better to use tailor made mouth guards.

So after having a look at all the advantages, it can be judged that using a TMJ splint is a better option than using surgical procedures. But you should always use customized mouth guards, which are made up of good quality material.