TMJ Appliances

Most patients suffering from TMJ disorders look for non-surgical treatments, as surgery can be very risky and very costly alternative. Symptoms of such disorders are facial pain, migraine, headache, and pain in teeth and jaws. Many remedies are available for such disorders such as massage, home exercise, physical therapy, and diet plans.

In many cases, it becomes very essential to use a TMJ mouth guard in the procedure of treatment as well,  TMJ at home. This is because that these devices are commonly used, and can be used in various ways.

Prior to explaining how such a tool can be useful, we need to look what an oral appliance is. An oral appliance or a TMJ appliances such a device that gets fit over teeth, and reduces tooth wear, tooth mobility, tooth sensitivity, soreness,and pain in joints, instability, and muscle pain. These devices are also used for alignment of jaws.

The most common type of mouth guards is the night guard. This oral appliance is used to cure tooth wear and soreness, which may occur due to night clenching or teeth grinding. Most patients prefer to use customized night guards because it is more comfortable to use these customized night guards as compared to the ready-made night guards.
The reason is that customized night guards are made dedicatedly according to the condition of your jaws. You may also use the non-tailored oral appliances from the medical store, but non-tailored devices may be risky for you. Price factor will also influence your decision, as the customized mouth guards are quite expensive than the other type. Night guards are used to cure temporal headaches, limited opening jaws, and soreness.

Night guards are designed for use at night, but in some cases, it becomes necessary for the patient to use TMJ mouth guard at daytime as well. This is done in such cases where the instability in the TM joint has increased a great deal, and has resulted in clicking, locking, and pain problems. A TMJ appliance is very useful as it cuts down the damage from grinding. These devices reduce the amount of force applied on the TM joints.

Bite splints are more effective than night guards as they are used to cure the disease instead of just giving relief from pain. In case, the disease is of advanced nature, it is best to use splints instead of night guards.So, if somebody asks the questions: Is it safe to use a TMJ appliance in order to cure TMJ disorders; the answer should be yes.

If the disorder is diagnosed at an early stage, using a simple night guard will be enough to serve the condition. These night guards will provide you relief from the symptoms of TMJ disorders, and will take you to a state of little pain or no pain at all. The old cliché remains relevant here as well: Consult your dentist before opting for any kind of treatment.